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Cold Yoga
Cold Yoga
Cold Yoga

Yoga & Toumo Yoga – Caroline Favre

Caroline, Yoga teacher & Consultant in Ayurveda, offers outdoor Yoga sessions to connect you to the elements with different influences and inspirations, according to the energy of the moment: Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yoga-Ayurveda.

It also offers workshops and conferences to better
understand the energies that surround us…

– Happy morning yoga (1 hour):
In the energies of the early morning, nothing better to start your day than good oxygenation and movement of the body.

– End of day yoga class (1 hour):
To recover from your hikes or simply to circulate energy and get the body moving.

– Yoga Toumo experience (2 hours 30):
The Toumo was born on the Tibetan plateaus: through the cold, we activate the heat and our inner fire. Discover this Yoga with many virtues: stimulation of natural defenses, cell regeneration, powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic action, boost of confidence and self-esteem… and a real awakening to joy. At each session: guided meditation, Pranayama
(breathing) asana (postures), relaxation and Ayurvedic herbal tea offered. Adult lessons, open to all with adaptations according to level.

New for 2022 :

Find Caroline’s activities in the program “Benefits for you”.

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