Hiking & Trail Running

Nestled in a spectacular mountain environment, beneath several of the largest glaciers in the French Alps, Pralognan-la-Vanoise is a family-friendly summer mountain resort, combines a vast mountain landscape in the heart of Vanoise National Park with an warm and friendly atmosphere. For decades, the breathtaking high-mountain decor has regaled both the athletically-inclined and the pensive looking for an extraordinary experience in area’s well-preserved natural environment.

So many stunning views and awe-inspiring landscapes to explore for unique adventures during a hike or a trail run

For an effortless way to gain altitude, be sure to take full advantage the shuttle bus service and lift system that Pralognan operates for summer visitors.

And to venture even further, a dozen mountain huts are accessible on foot from the village of Pralognan, just the right occasion to experience the mountains to their fullest, for a night’s stay or simply for a quick break during the day! Enjoy an unforgettable weekend or summer vacation.

Hiking trails & trail running circuits

For a one or two-hour stroll, a family hike, or a even a long multi-day trek, Pralognan-la-Vanoise offers kilometer after kilometer of well-maintained designated trails. Explore a wide variety of landscapes: pastures, lakes, forests, steep terrain, mountain passes, majestic panoramas, snowfields, brisk streams… all throughout our incredible high-mountain kingdom!

A map and guide are available at the Tourist Office:

Detailed guide€12.00
Map + Guide€16.00
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Guided outings

With the Pralognan Guide Service (Bureau des Guides et Accompagnateurs):

The Guide Service in Pralognan offers a full range of hikes of all levels to explore or marvel at the area’s flora, fauna, lakes, panoramas, etc.

Don’t worry about slowing down the group or about not being able to walk at your own pace. Through years of experience and honed group-management skills, our hiking guides know how to ensure that everyone enjoys the group hike.

Several themed hikes are organized every week. 

The Pralognan Guide Service also organizes hikes for kids (without their parents):

Test your navigating skills on our orienteering course:

With Marc Schafer, an independent hiking guide:


With Ânes en Vanoise

Equipment rentals

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