Quality assurance management

Quality assurance management

The Pralognan-la-Vanoise Tourist office is committed to providing the highest quality service possible, and continuously works with local stakeholders and partners to improve the overall level of service and satisfaction.

We use Qualité Tourisme™ certification guidelines.
Created by the French Ministry of Tourism, Qualité Tourisme™ certification means that a Tourist Office implements a continuous improvement policy that targets quality of service. Thorough audits take place every 5 years. This national approach to quality brings together tourism providers of all types under the same big tent: hotels, apartment hotels, seasonal rental agencies, places to visit, and outdoor sports..

It ensures trust and guarantees a level of service quality provided by professionals to visitors.

Category 1 pledges by the Pralognan-la-Vanoise Tourist Office

Rated category 1, the Pralognan-la-Vanoise Tourist Office pledges to:
Provide an easily accessible reception and information area,
Make any process or request as easy as possible for you,
Provide furniture for you to be able to sit down comfortably,
Freely provide any information you need about tourist attractions and facilities in the area,
Display, post, and broadcast opening hours as well as opening and closing dates, and in at least two languages other than French,
Provide free WiFi,
Open at last 305 days per year, including Saturdays and Sundays during the high season and for major events,
Reply all year long to your letters and emails,
Guarantee a staffed welcome desk during opening hours with personnel who speak at least two languages other than French,
Always have paper versions available of tourist maps and guides,
Provide access to a website in three languages and that works on mobile devices,
To publish and circulate tourist information on paper in at least two languages other than French and regarding:
• All rated tourist accommodations with the name of the establishment, the mailing address, email address, website address, telephone number(s), and rating;
• Cultural, historic, and natural sites of interest, monuments, and activities, including all pricing information, opening dates and hours, the website addresses, telephone numbers, and mailing addresses;
• Events, activities, and entertainment;
• Emergency numbers.
Update all tourist-related information at least once per year.
Present the qualified tourism offering in the area for all types of visitors.
Provide access to availability and vacancy information for all rated accommodations.
Process all claims and measure your level of satisfaction.
Offer tourist information services that include the latest information and communications technologies (social media, mobile devices, geolocation…).
Comply with the high standards set and required Qualité Tourisme™ certification.
Ensure that a trip planning advisor is available when you need one.
Guarantee the accuracy of all information regarding the local tourist offering (services, facilities, activities, and attractions).

The eco-responsible commitments of the destination

The geographical location of Pralognan-la-Vanoise guarantees long-lasting snow cover throughout the winter. Indeed, the altitude of the ski area and its north orientation, make it possible to better preserve the snow. This results in good snow cover and excellent snow quality throughout the season.

In order to imitate the use of personal vehicles in the resort, Pralognan-la-Vanoise offers free shuttle services that crisscross the village, in summer and winter.

Pralognan-la-Vanoise is committed to the Flocon Vert label, an approach which aims to guarantee the sustainable commitment of our mountain tourist destination.

Best practices for a more responsible stay

Every gesture counts and everyone can commit to a more responsible stay in the mountains. Here are some steps to take:

Eco-responsible gestures: many sorting bins are available in the station. In a process of limiting waste, we invite you to: favor reusable tableware for picnics, choose products with less packaging, avoid food waste, sort your waste…
“Soft” transport: soft mobility remains the most impactful gesture during your stay to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, transport accounts for 57% of these emissions. Our partner TicTacTrip helps you find the best route in 3 clicks! On site, opt for soft transport to get around the resort! Shuttle services operate in summer and winter, and take you to the main points of interest.
Local consumption and short circuits: nothing could be easier with the many farmers present in the area. One more reason to take advantage of our good local products.
Cohabitation with local fauna and flora: the mountain is an exceptional habitat for fauna and flora. However, biodiversity is fragile, it is up to us to protect it. Rules of cohabitation are essential: be careful not to make excessive noise so as not to scare away the animals, do not leave the paths so as not to damage the flora, do not leave waste in nature (cigarette butts , handkerchiefs, masks etc.)… The Vanoise National Park covers more than two thirds of the territory of Pralognan-la-Vanoise: it constitutes a preserved environment which offers an incredible palette to walkers, and reveals an extremely rich fauna and flora. to discover. The heart of the Park is materialized by panels located along the main paths and by colored beacons. Specific regulations are required. In season (winter and summer), the Maison de la Vanoise offers “nature events” and exhibitions to understand the challenges and objectives of the National Park.