Doron de Chavière

Doron de Chavière River Fishing Trail

At 1725 meters elevation, Prioux Plateau is a rare and exceptional location at the entrance to Vanoise national Park. The Doron de Chavière flows through it and is stocked with fario trout, rainbow trout and brook salmon. Fishing site – 1st category.

– Catch and release (no-kill)
– 1 fish” Savoie fishing course
The course is 1450m long.
Specific regulations: natural bait prohibited, only artificial lures, artificial flies and synthetic imitation baits are authorised. 2 hooks or 3 artificial flies, barbless. Any fish caught must be returned to the water alive immediately.

A fishing permit is required to fish. Fishing permits are sold at the Sport Vanoise store (+33.(0)

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