Alpine ski touring

Experienced backcountry enthusiasts agree, Pralognan-la- Vanoise offers one of the best places to ski tour in France. Embark on breathtaking adventures in the surrounding landscapes and through the heart of Vanoise National Park’s amazing wilderness. Every two years, the resort and national park host the legendary Transvanoise ski-mountaineering race.

Marked uphill trails

To try ski touring for the first time, improve your skills, or simply to train in a safe environment, two uphill tracks are marked and maintained near the downhill ski runs, which allow for an easy descent back to the resort..

Uphill passes

Winter 2023-2024 pass prices Adult / Reduced
1 rise€12,50
* Reduced rates (when you present valid proof): children 5 through 12 years old, seniors 65 through 74 years old. Free for kids under 5 years old and seniors 75 years old and over..
€ 2.00 discount in price if you already have a compatible hands-free ski pass card.

Guided outings

Free-touring, rando-running, first time, or legendary skimo races, the ski instructors and high-mountain guides in Pralognan anxiously await to take you on amazing tours to the area’s high summits, followed by truly unforgettable descents. Whatever your level or experience, they know how to share their expertise and love for the mountains, as well as introduce you to the wild chamois, alpine ibex, and bearded vultures that rule the steeps.

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Equipment rentals

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