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Pralo en Act’

The goal of this association? To unite all types of public around multiple activities: cultural, sports and well-being in a spirit of sharing and conviviality.

It also supports financially and/or logistically the creation of activities or projects within the above framework taking place in Pralognan La Vanoise.
It brings together two former associations of Pralognan – the Compagnie la Pièce du Haut (Culture) and Pralo Trail (Sport)
Membership for the year is 20€.

It manages the costume shop and the games library of Pralognan
All year round, it offers yoga for young and old, pilates, meditation and relaxation.
There are also occasional workshops such as games, leisure activities or wellness activities with external speakers.

For this summer and for the second time, we are offering a program called “Bienfaits pour vous” (the program is being put together) which brings together 8 health and/or nature professionals who are keen to share their passion for taking care of themselves on a daily basis in connection, respect and harmony with nature.

We have also put together several plays such as “J’aime beaucoup ce que vous faîtes” by Carole Greep, “Un ouvrage de Dame” by Jean Claude Danaud or “Fugueuses” by Pierre palmade and Christophe Duthuron (For the photos, I have to ask for the participants’ agreement)